NCERT Solution class 7 Mathematics EXERCISE- 6.1

NCERT Solution class 7 Mathematics EXERCISE- 6.1

                 CHAPTER – 6

                          EXERCISE – 6.1

Q1. In ΔPQR , D is the mid point of  QR .

PM is __Altitude _______.

PD is __Median________.

Is QM = MR ?


No, QM = MR is not equal.

Q2. Draw a rough sketches for the following:

(a) In ΔABC , BE is an median

(b) In ΔPQR, PQ and PR are altitudes of the triangle.

(c) In ΔXYZ, YL is an altitude in the exterior of the triangle.


(a)  A median connects a vertex of a triangle to the triangle to the mid – points of the opposite side.

(b) An altitude has one end

point at a vertex of the triangle and other on the line containing the opposite sides

(c) In the figure we may observe that for ΔXYZ , YL is an altitude drawn exteriorly to side XZ which is extended up to point L.

Q3. Verify by drawings a diagram if the median and altitude of an isosceles triangle can be same.


Draw a line segment PS Altitude BC. It is an altitude for this triangle. Here we observe that length of QS and SR is also same. So Ps is also a median of this triangle.


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