What is Internal Revenue Service in United State of America

What is IRS in United State of America ?

The IRS is the Internal Revenue Service in the United State of America. The IRS is  the nation tax collection agency and administers the internal revenue code encated by Congress. The IRS Strategic Plan is a roadmap to guide IRS operation and to meet the changing needs and expections of United State of Americans  taxpayers and tax professionals who serve as tax experts.

The history of Internal Revenue Serviceincludesmany

events that shaped  USA. the IRS history timeline is not comprehensive but meant to provide highlights on the evolution of the american tax system from the 1700’s to the present. As you browe throught this timeline you will seethe dedication of the Internal Revenue Service’s employees and  ongoing commitment to service and to all taxpayers.

Equity, Diversity and inclusion at Internal Revenue Service has a strong and steadfast commitment to ensuring equity, diversity and inclusion are integrated into the polices, procedures and practices used to carry nation mission.

In support of the overall IRS Mission, criminal Investigation serves the Amercan public by investigating potential criminal violations of tje Internal Revenue Code and related financial crime in the manner that fosters confidence in the tax system and compliance ti the law.

Offical page of  Internal Revenue Service


Taxpayer can call on 8009199835

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