Face recognition software helps nab 2 who stole 5L

Face recognition software helps nab 2 who stole 5L

Attention now no person can escaped form any crime like, riots, and any other crime  now Indian police has Face recognition software it can be identified a person even if he/she cover his/her face.

The use of facial recognition software last week helped investigators arrest two women who allegedly stole 5 lakh cash from an MBBS aspirant s purse in west Delhi tag ore garden on March 7 police said on Sunday.

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The arrests were made on Saturday.

The arrested women nargis and Anjali turned out to be habitual offenders who would target people in banks and malls and then use the services of an auto rickshaw driver to flee said Deepak purohit deputy commissioner of police (West) the auto driver pramod podar who would allegedly charge 2000 per day for his services too has been arrested said the DCP.


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