letter for Game play

  letter for Game play

Block-D, House-69,

Ganesh Nagar/Pandav Nagar


7th September, 2020

Dear Chaman Shaikh,

It is more than a month since I had a letter from you. I had been wondering all the while what had happened to you, and was feeling rather worried when I accidentally met your brother yesterday, who told me that you never look part in games.

I was glad to learn that you were taking your studies so seriously, but very sorry to note that you were doing so at the cost of your health. Even your brother seemed to be most concerned about it. Those who do brain

work cannot do without a certain amount of regular physical exercise. ‘All work and no play makes jack a dull boy’ is ‘A sound mind in a sound body’. So I would advise you to take up some game – hockey or football or tennis or badminton, for instance – and you will soon feel what a lot of benefit the experience gives you. I can assure you that you will be amply rewarded for the time you spend in playing games. You will return to your studies with fresher zeal and a clearer head.

So don’t avoid games. They are essential. They teach you something which books can never teach – esprit de crops  and corporate discipline.

I hope you will take my advice seriously, and send me a line to tell me that you have begun playing some game.

With best wishes,

Block-C, House-136A

Pandav Nagar, Near Radha-Krishna Mandir


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