NCERT class 4 English unit question answer

NCERT class 4 English unit question answer



Reading is fun

  1. Who was Hiawatha?

Ans.: Hiawatha was a young Red Indian boy. He lived with his old grandmother, Nokomis, in a wigwam.

  1. Who was Nokomis?

Ans.: Nokomis was her Grandmother.

  1. What did he learn about the birds?

Ans.: The little Hiawatha learned of every bird its language, learned their names and all their secrets.

  1. What secrets did he learn about beasts?

Ans.: He learned a secret, where did they hide themselves in Winter.

Let’s Listen

  1. Whisper a secret in your partner’s ear. The partner will in turn whisper his secret in your ear.
  2. Form a circle and whisper a secret
    into the ear of the person on your right. He in turn whispers into the ear of the person on the right. Pass the secret on till it goes around the circle. The last person will tell the secret aloud.

Is the secret the same as what the first child had whispered?

Let’s talk

  1. Do you think that –

(a) Hiawatha liked learning new languages?

Ans.: Little Hiawatha was a brilliant boy, he wanted to learnt all the birds and beasts languages.

(b) Hiawatha called the birds ‘chickens’ and the beasts ‘brother’? What do you think this shows?

Ans.: He loved all the birds and beasts he wanted to make them friends so that’s why he learned their names and language and their secrets.

(c) Do birds have secrets?

Ans.: maybe but I’m not sure because I never understood what they are talking about.

(d) Do you know the secret language of any animal? Tell the class about it.


Say aloud

  1. Use words beginning with ‘h’ sound like –

hat, house, hen, hide, horse, heart, hand etc.

  • Make a pair of words, one a ‘describing word’ and one a ‘naming word’.

happy Hiawatha, hungry hippopotamus, high horse, heavy hand.

  1. Have you seen

(a) a hippopotamus in a hat?

Ans.: ‘No’ hippopotamus is an animal, so he cannot wear a hat like humans.

(b) a hen in a beehive?

Ans.: ‘No’ hen is a bird which cannot fly, it lives in jar, so then Hen can’t stay in a beehive.

(c) a helicopter with hair?

Ans.: ‘No’ helicopter is a machine so machine don’t have hairs.

(d) a horse drink honey?

Ans.: Horse is an animal which eats grass, he don’t drink honey.

Let’s share

Make a story of the poem and share it with your friends. You can change Hiawatha’s name and give the name of your classmate.

Start the story which other children can continue.

You could begin like this –

Once upon a time there was a boy called….

Where do the following lived?

(a) Birds live in

(b) Rabbits live in

_Bamboos and mud_

(c) Beavers live in

_Ponds, lakes, rivers, marshes and streams_

Match ‘A’ with ‘B’ and write the complete sentences below




I go, I have friends.

I am hungry, I eat.

Comes first, wins.

_Whenever I am hungry, I eat._

_Whoever comes first, wins._

-Wherever I go, I have friends.-

  • Some words have similar sounds, but different meanings.
  • Choose the correct word from the box and fill in the blanks.

(a) The bird sits on a _Bow_. (bow, bough)

(b) The squirrel has a long _Tail_. (tail, tale)

(c) I have to leave at _Too_. (too, two)

(d) This sum is _Right_. (right, write)

(e) I can _Hear_ the bird’s song. (hear, here)

(f) Do you _know_ a secret? (no, know)

(g) The king sits on the _Throne_. (thrown, throne)

(h) He is our school _Principal_. (principal, principle)


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