Third wave of corona is dangerous for children,

Third wave of corona is dangerous for children, read in detail how to rescue !

A third wave of Corona may be coming soon in India. Which can also affect children. Given this, the World Health Organization has issued a suggestion to protect children from the corona virus. With the help of which the family can learn about the symptoms, prevention and treatment of corona safety of their children

There has been an outcry in the second wave of Corona all over the country. Most of the same health facilities have also failed. In such a situation, now a third wave of

corona virus has also been estimated. It is also being said that the third wave of Corona can attack children as well. In view of this, the World Health Organization WHO has given measures to protect children from corona infection.

The suggestion given by the World Health Organization says that children from 6 to 11 years must wear masks. Also, get them used to washing hands frequently. If the child is younger than 2 to 3 years, do not apply a mask. According to the instructions given by the WHO, the less people try to win a newborn child, the better it will be. Also, the mother must wash hands before touching the newborn and must wear a mask during breastfeeding.

If the child has a fever of one to two days. The same if the child becomes red in the foot. Also, the child’s face starts to look blue. The problem of vomiting diarrhea should also be seen with swelling in the hands and feet of the child. Also, if he has pneumonia, oxygen levels are reduced below 90%. Start to get tired and sleepy. Along with this, he started having a sore throat, difficulty in breathing and digestive problems.

Make children strong like this

To strengthen the lungs of children, give them to inflate balloons. Also, they can be given lukewarm water to drink. If the children are a little older, then let them do a breath exercise. Feed citrus fruits to increase their immunity.

Here’s how to protect

Initially treatment can be done by placing the child in isolation. If the same situation becomes serious, then a chest x-ray will be done to check for lung kidney infection. Also get him admitted to Kovid Hospital and get treatment under the supervision of a doctor. In the same corona, the effective drug ramadasevir should be used under the supervision of a doctor.

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Third wave of corona is dangerous for children, read in detail how to rescue ! A third wave of Corona may…