NCERT Solutions for class 7 English chapter 10the story of cricket

NCERT Solution for class 7 English chapter 10 – the story of cricket

Comprehension Checks

Q 1. Cricket is originally a/an

  1. Indian game.
  2. British game.
  3. International game.

Mark the right answer.

Ans. 2. a British game.

Q 2. “There is a historical reason behind both these oddities.” In the preceding two paragraphs, find two words/phrases that mean the same as ‘oddities’.


  1. peculiarities
  2. curious characteristic

Q 3. How is a cricket bat different from a hockey stick?

Ans. A cricket bat is thick and flat while a hockey stick is bent at the bottom.

Comprehension Check

Q 1. Write True or False against each of the following sentences.

(i) India joined the world of Test

cricket before Independence.

(ii) The colonizers did nothing to encourage the Parsis in playing cricket.

(iii) Palwankar Baloo was India’s first Test captain.

(iv) Australia played its first Test against England as a sovereign nation.


(i) True

(ii) True

(iii) False

(iv) False

Comprehension Check

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Q 1. A ‘professional’ cricket player is one who makes a living by playing cricket. Find the opposite of ‘professional’ in the last paragraph.

Ans. Amateur

Q 2. In “the triumph of the one-day game”, ‘triumph’ means the one-day game’s

  1. superiority to Test cricket
  2. inferiority to Test cricket.

iii. achievement or success over Test cricket.

  1. popularity among viewers.

Mark the right answer.

Ans. 4. Popularity among viewers

Q 3. “ the men for whom the world is a stage”.

It refers to the famous cricket fields in the world.

It means that there are many cricket playing countries in the world.

It implies that cricketers are like actors and every cricket ground is like a stage on which the drama of cricket is enacted the world over.

Mark the right answer.

Ans. 3. It implies that cricketers are like actors and every cricket ground is like a stage on which the drama of cricket is enacted the world over.

Working with the text

Answer the following questions.

Q 1. Name some stick-and-ball games that you have witnessed or heard of.

Ans. Apart from Cricket and Hockey, some of the stick-and-ball games that I have witnessed or heard of are:




Question 2. The Parsis were the first Indian community to take to cricket. Why?

Ans. The Parsis were the first Indian community to take to cricket. It was because of their interest in trade with the British.

Q 3. The rivalry between the Parsis and the Bombay Gymkhana had a happy ending for the former. What does ‘a happy ending’ refer to?

Ans. A happy ending refers to the victory of the Parsi Cricket Team over the Bombay Gymkhana in 1889, four years after the formation of the Indian National Congress.

Q 4. Do you think cricket owes its present popularity to television? Justify your answer.

Ans. Yes, I think cricket owes its present popularity to television. The information about how it is played and the interest of kids and youths into cricket is largely because of television and media. Young kids and youths from various parts of the country see, appreciate and dream of becoming a cricketer. All because of the media and television.

Q 5. Why has cricket a large viewership in India, not in China or Russia?

Ans. Cricket has a large viewership in India not in countries like China or Russia. This is because they were never colonized by the British. India is one of those countries which has been playing cricket from almost its inception.

Q 6. What do you understand by the game’s (cricket) ‘equipment’?

Ans. Game’s (cricket) ‘equipment’ means various accessories used during the game. For instance, in cricket, the equipment are: bat, ball, stumps, etc. There are also protective equipment such as gloves, helmet, pads, etc.

Q 7. How is Test cricket a unique game in many ways?

Ans. Test cricket is a unique game in many ways. It can be played for 5 days and still end with a draw! Other games do not take this much time. A football match usually gets over in an hour-and-a-half.

Q 8. How is cricket different from other team games?

Ans. Cricket is different from other team games because of many reasons. For instance, the length of the cricket pitch is defined to be 22 yards. But, the shape is not. It can be an oval pitch or a circular one. In most of the other games, the pitch dimensions are specified.

Q 9. How have advances in technology affected the game of cricket?

Ans. Cricket has become safer with technology. The protective equipment have become better. The cricket helmets are now made up of metal and synthetic materials that are easier to carry. Pads and gloves are made of vulcanized rubber.

Q 10. Explain how cricket changed with changing times and yet remained unchanged in some ways.

Ans. Cricket has changed with changing times. With the advent of technology it became safer. With the media and television around, it gained increasing popularity. Also, new formats such as T20 have been introduced.

Yet it remained unchanged in some ways. For instance, the rules and regulations continue to be the same. The way it is played is still the same.

Working with Language

Q 2. Add -ly to the italicised word in each sentence. Rewrite the sentence using the new word. See the examples first.

·    He runs between wickets as if his legs were Stiff.

He runs between wickets stiffly.

·    Why did the batsman swing the hat in such a violent manner?

Why did the batsman swing the bat so violently?


Pmgky प्रधानमंत्री गरीब कल्याण अन्न योजना

  1. It is obvious that the work has not been done in a proper way.
  2. He made the statement in a firm manner.

iii. The job can be completed within a week in an easy way.

  1. You did not play in a serious manner or else you would have won the match.
  2. She recited the poem in a cheerful manner.


  1. properly
  2. firmly
  3. easily
  4. seriously
  5. cheerfully

Q 3. Use the following phrases appropriately in place of the italicised words in the sentences given below.

As a matter of fact    we had better   see to it     by accident         as well
  1. Actually, I didn’t intend to come to your place. I reached here without planning.
  2. Sunil, there’s a letter for you in today’s post. There’s one for me also.
  3. Everybody thought I had composed the poem. The truth is my younger sister did it.
  4. The doctor told the patient to make sure that he took his pills on time.
  5. It will be better for us to plan our trip before setting out.


  1. by accident
  2. as well a matter of fact

  1. see to it

we had better

Speaking and Writing

Q 1. Complete each of the following words using gh, ff or f.

Then say each word clearly after your teacher.

(i) e___ort (vii) scru___

(ii)____act (viii) rou___

(iii) con___ess (ix) sti___ly

(iv) lau___ing (x) di___erence

(v) enou___ (xi) sa___ety

(vi) hal___ (xii) ___lush


(i) effort (vii) scruff

(ii) fact (viii) rough

(iii) confess (ix) stiffly

(iv) laughing (x) difference

(v) enough (xi) safety

(vi) half (xii)flush

Q 2. Write two paragraphs describing a bus ride to watch a cricket match in a village. Use the following points. Add some of your own.

  • two-hour journey by bus
  • an old and crowded bus
  • friendly passengers
  • visit to a village fair where the match is to be played
  • the match between two village teams
  • makeshift stumps, rough pitch and a rubber ball
  • the match was enjoyable, but the trip was tiring

Ans. Last weekend, I went on a trip to watch a cricket match in a village. It was a two-hour journey by bus. I was quite excited about the match. It was the first time I was going to be in the live audience. The bus was an old and crowded one but the passengers were friendly.

It was a visit to a village fair where the cricket match was to be played. The match was to be fought between two village teams. The accessories were makeshift stumps, rubber ball, bat, etc. The pitch was quite rough. It was a great match. Both the teams played so well. We all enjoyed thoroughly. We returned by the night. The match was truly enjoyable, but the trip was tiring.

Extra Question

Q . Name one cricket ground that is oval in shape.

Ans. Adelaide Oval cricket ground is oval in shape.

Q . Mention the year when the cricket rules were written for the first time

Ans. Cricket rules were written for the first time in 1744.

  1. State two changes that were seen in the game of cricket around 1780.

Ans. By 1780, a Test match was played for average three days. It was also the period when the first six-seam cricket ball was created.

Q .The game of cricket traces its origin from where?

Ans. The game of cricket traces its origin from rural England.

Q . Where and by which community cricket was initially played in India?

Ans. Cricket was initially played in Bombay by the Parsi community.

Q .How and from where did cricket evolve, as mentioned ?

Ans. Cricket evolved out of the many stick-and ball games that were played in England 500 years ago. The word ‘bat’ is an old English word that simply means stick or club. By the seven teenth century, cricket was recognisable as a distinct game.

Q .What was the reason for the curved bottom of the bats until the mid of eighteenth century, as discussed ?

Ans. The reason was simple and that was for when the ball was bowled underarm, along the ground and the curve at the end of the bat gave the batsman the best chance of making contact.

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